• Farah’s: The Prominent Island Sports Bar in Corpus Christi

    The location of an establishment greatly contributes to the success of the business —a strategically placed bar gains more advantages over those that just pile together with other inferior bars. At the beautiful South Padre Island, Farah’s Bar Corpus Christi receives wide popularity and a great influx of customers because of its excellent spot facing the Corpus Christi Bay and its open-air sitting arrangement, giving people choice if they want to take the night off inside the bar or outside. There’s no denying that this factor gives Farah’s Bar positive outcomes; however, at the end of the day the outstanding features and unique offerings of the bar still that make people come over and over again.


    Party all night under the open sky


    A waterfront patio brings a luxurious feeling to a place; equally, overlooking the lively city and the running body of water is also a wonderful sight to behold. Most of the time, people who come to Farah’s Bar Corpus Christi Texas prefer hanging out outside the bar just to see these exquisite views. And to complement that, Farah boasts its full-service bar of a wide variety of beer, wines, bloody marys, and the best margaritas in town. And if you are not sure what to drink, you can tell the bartender how you feel and he’ll whip up something to match your mood or something to lift your spirits. There are special days to look forward to if you want a drink once in a while. Every Wednesday is Hump Day in Farah’s Corpus Christi. With its happy hour extended up to 8 hours, you can get $1.75 domestic and $2 well drinks all day all night. On top of that, this bar also serves a monthly specials menu with a rotating roster of meals and all-time favorite American classic, burgers and fries. Don’t forget to order their infamous cucumber martini too! Just approach their friendly bartenders.


    Get sporty inside Farah’s game room


    If you like a traditional sports bar with fewer bells and whistles —the right amount of large TV screens for game viewing, simple decor and nice bar games— then you had better check out Farah’s Bar Corpus Christi TX. One can catch heart-pounding live broadcasts of big games in the country or sweat out in the game room playing shuffleboard, pool, golf games, darts, and the sought-after buck hunter arcade. In addition, the night won’t be complete without good vibrant music. Farah has amazing jukebox music to set the mood of the bar and it showcases local musical talents to provide added entertainment as well. Also, the dance floor is wide enough to accommodate everyone who is willing to show their dance moves. But if you’re a shy-type just watch the lovely girls do pole dancing while you have some flavorful bud light drinks in hands. Then if you need some air to breathe or to smoke, the deck out back is definitely a great spot to hang out.

    If you’re always on the lookout for places where you can just kick back and relax then there’s no way to miss Farah’s Corpus Christi Texas.  You can enjoy this cheap and cozy waterhole from 1pm to 2am, but it stays open until the games over...and even later it seems as long as they have customers, and indulge in their unique drinks that will surely tickle your palate. It doesn’t end there as Farah’s Bar —with its homey ambiance and location that offers you great sunset view to enjoy along with your drinks—  has more in store for every visiting customer. Definitely, no list of sports bars could be complete without it!



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  • Pleasures Mens Club : Best Secret Place To Have A Bachelor Party

    Pleasures Gentlemen’s Club knows that there are many people looking for strip clubs for couples in Corpus Christi TX. While strip clubs still have that reputation for only attracting groups of crazy and wild men or groups of women looking for a good and fun moment. It is a fact that more and more couples are going to a strip club as well and more and more couples are having fun together in this type of clubs! Fortunately here at Pleasures Mens Club Corpus Christi TX, we understand this better than anyone else. So, if you and your partner want to spend a naughty night in Corpus Christi, you can also explore this Blog site to make sure you get to one of the best strip clubs for couples.

    In fact, we have established a good relationship with all the strip clubs that accept couples and are in Corpus Christi, that is why we can offer these great offers and offer packages with which you can save money! Part of the problem in finding the best strip club for couples in Corpus Christi is that, although some may say that they are friendly with the couple. They tend to cater more to the needs of men, that if it is a group of boys it is great, but for a couple, not so much. That's why we want to make sure you know that the clubs we take you to are not just for men, but also strip clubs for couples, such as Pleasures Mens Club, Bottoms Up Corpus Christi TX, and Club Cheetah, etc.

    Pleasures Gentlemen’s Club party package is for two lovebirds who want to liven things up and have fun in one of the best strip clubs for couples! In Pleasures Mens Club package, you will have your table reservation so that you have an excellent view of the strip show. Two drinks, plus a drink for the dancer, for sure to have a good night's fun. Pleasures club pick-up and transport service ensure that you arrive comfortably and safely to the club. Also included in the price of the package is the entrance fee to the club and a table dance!

    As there are many strip clubs for couples in the Corpus Christi, we think why not share the love and spend a good night in the company of your partner? In this article, we are offering the same service as in the first package, but instead of a regular table dance, you can have a strip dance just for both of you. So, if you want a strip dance instead of a lap dance, book package 2. visit the official website.

    When and how is the show of a Stripper performed in Pleasures club?

    The most usual time for the performance of a stripper show is when the dinner has ended or, where appropriate, the meal. And it is the most appropriate moment because they have already finished serving the dishes and what remains is a pleasant after-dinner. On the other hand, it is increasingly common to hire the show for a private party, a birthday or a bachelor party in a rural house and, therefore, the show can be held in the afternoon or before dinner.

    How is the stripper show organized?

    Very simple, first you have to sit the honoree in a chair away and leave an empty space of about three meters around so that the girl can perform the show with tranquility. When the stripper is ready, the only thing that will be missing is to put the music and enjoy the great event show of the stripper in Pleasures club.

    Pleasures Mens Club Corpus Christi TX package is somewhat more spicy than the first or the second type of packages because instead of a table dance or a striptease you have a private room for both of you and the dancer, what happens there? Use your imagination because we can not tell you here. This is for those couples looking for something a little different and fun to do together this is for you. The Pleasures Mens Club offers the same as in the first two packages for couples. That thing is 30 minutes in a private room! What happens in this private room? Well, that depends entirely on you!

    As you can see, going to one of the best strip clubs for couples in Corpus Christi is an excellent way to have a good time, do something different and not so usual and enjoy a sexy and hot show. Some couples end up doing the same thing over and over again and maybe they are looking for something new and exciting. Well, you will realize that this is much more than exciting and that taking a look at some strippers while enjoying good drinks can be fun.

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  • Infinite Bar: The Best Place to Start Bar Hopping in Corpus Christi

    Bar hopping, or also known as pub crawl, has become a practice by many spontaneously driven people who can’t just have a single place throughout the night and are willing to jump from one bar to another until they find the coolest one to stay until the end. They view it as an effective and enjoyable method to socialize and get a good time with new and old acquaintances. But in reality, there are conditions that might compromise your goals to finding the ultimate bar to party. One of these is the level of intoxication you got from the previous bar. In a group of people, some would choose to stay in the same place as they have already gotten enough buzz or if they go together to a new one, there are likely to be turned away at the door. Furthermore, distances between bars, services, and amenities are also great concerns for bar hoppers and deciding factors on whether to continue or not. 


    Along Chaparral street, Infinite Bar Corpus Christi Texas is the leading authority on bar hopping. Being the biggest, it is the choice of many customers to start their long nightlife as it offers a multitude of drinks selection, from unique specials to refreshing cocktails, and enticing entertainment backed up with on-point music. Of which Infinite Bar offers all at no cover charge upfront. 


    Start the night with Infinite Bar Corpus Christi


    From 3pm to 2am every day, Infinite Bar transforms into being the hottest party spot in town. With merely wearing casual attire, you can definitely enjoy their new flavored beers on tap, which is a breath of fresh air as it seems harder now to find one, that is rare and comes with a surprise. Most of the drinks are also catered to the crowd, the main reason Infinite Bar Corpus Christi has fairly affordable and budget-friendly deals. Their cheap line of drinks includes Smirnoff, Budweiser and Well while you can get Fireball, pickle shots and Cruzan rum at reasonable prices. The infamous $15 pitcher of Long Island Iced Tea is a top pick also and the bar offers $3 promos on any single liquor drink or shot until midnight almost every day. Throughout the week, the specials vary to complement the theme of the day. For example, on Mingle Mondays you can expect less alcoholic beverages, on Retro Thursdays enjoy a resurgence of favorite cocktails, and on Sunday Funday dive into your solo mission to get as drunk as possible by opting for hard liquors.


    Jump to the next bar with ease


    Infinite Bar Corpus Christi TX has a strong collaboration with other bars. With Rehab Karaoke Bar next door, you can browse through their massive catalog of songs and sing your heart out. The place boasts its top quality sound system, leather chairs, and affordable foods and drinks. For a group of friends, this is ideal if you want more exclusivity, which is quite lacking in Infinite Bar, and an opportunity to bring out the competitiveness in everyone. Furthermore, at the back of the Infinite Bar Corpus Christi, you will find the Infinite Back Bar & Lounge, a sensuous place geared towards people who enjoy nightlife with a little bit of privacy. It has classy and posh interiors with sophisticated light and sound background suited for an intimate evening. In this kind of setting, a deeper level of interaction among people is encouraged, the area where it supplements Infinite Bar Corpus Christi Texas


    Bar hopping is an adventurous way to enjoy nightlife yet finding where to start is a challenge as it can make or break your whole experience. To make this activity worthwhile, it is advised to seek a bar that has a reputation and highly complements other nightclubs and bars. In Infinite Bar Corpus Christi TX, with its best bar ambiance, bartenders, DJs, and food and drinks, it does not only give great impressions but also top-notch nightlife standards to follow for the rest of the night.



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  • Come at Cheetah Club To Enjoy Perfect Bachelor Party

    Corpus Christi is an ideal place to go out at night, and there is a varied offer of entertainment for all tastes; Whether they are clubs, clubs or Christi, there is a little bit of everything for everyone, regardless of their age, condition, and excafes, the Corpus Christi has a very lively night in many of its famous neighborhoods. In Corpus pectations, whether you travel alone or with friends, family or a couple. Depending on what you are looking for, you should go to one or another neighborhood, since each one offers a different environment. The fascination that Corpus Christi has as a tourist destination is mainly due to its excellent beaches, world-renowned tourist attractions, unique architecture and top-quality cuisine, but Corpus Christi is also known for its varied offer of nightlife.

    Cheetah Club is one of the famous men clubs, where you will enjoy a unique and discreet experience. You will spend good times having a drink of the highest quality, chatting with whoever you want, or enjoying the VIP area with prior reservation. In Club Cheetah your adventure begins, your love story, your fantasy, whatever you prefer!

    You can enjoy a different night in one of the most emblematic places with the best scene in the Corpus Christi, a classic with fun music and feather-filled shows. If you have a lot of art and little shame, do not hesitate to throw yourself on your stage!

    At Cheetah Club, they are always interested in knowing what their customers think about their service. If you have any question or doubt about the use of the service they provide, they will be happy to offer any information you need. As an exclusive party place for people who want to have fun in Corpus Christi, you can come to visit at Cheetah Club and satisfy any need you may have. That being said, we know you might have some questions about how the service works, so do not hesitate to contact them! or visit the official website.

    The Perfect Bachelor Party in Corpus Christi

    One of the most exciting parts of coming to visit club Cheetah in Corpus Christi is the ease with which you can enjoy a wonderful bachelor party. We know that many boys (and girls!) Like to have a good time, so come with us and you can enjoy a strip club that strives to make sure that people enjoy the best possible time. We want everything to adapt to your needs, so do not let anything stop you if you have any particular need. You can even book a show with a "special guest" on stage to make sure that the lucky recipient enjoys a show to match!

    So if you want to set up your own Corpus Christi party get in touch with the Club Cheetah. It does not matter if you go in a group or alone, in both cases you will find a large offer of girls in the best scenarios and can perform with them some of your sexual fantasies. Visit this blog site to get detail information about strip clubs of Corpus Christi.

    We want everything to go exactly as you planned, so this could be the perfect time to contact us. If you need information about the service or want to book something more specific, let us know.

    Our team understands the importance of making you happy, and we want to do this both outside and inside the club. We are convinced that our girls manage to lift the spirits even of the saddest people. That said, we know that it is very important that you receive a service that you feel 100% comfortable with. If you are not sure about something - or if you just want to check what our service really means - then you can subscribe our Youtube page to watch great event show.

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  • The Park Sports & Spirits: The Top-rated Sports Bar in Corpus Christi

    When it comes to size, The Park Sports Bar is undisputedly one of the massive sports bars in Corpus Christi. It is also the ultimate choice by locals and tourists alike to watch a big game or enjoy some amazing bar games. And with its largest collection of beverages and spirits in all the city, The Park Bar can cater to different types of drinkers, from casual to heavy one, at a satisfactory level. That being said, The Park Sports Bar Corpus Christi has been the word of mouth of people who want a hassle-free night of fun.

    Explore the game room during half-time

    The Park Sports Bar Corpus Christi TX is a large building with separate venues for every customer’s needs. In the middle of the main seating area, there is an awesome circular projection screen that features games to any view across the bar that it wouldn’t be possible to miss any actions and climax throughout the play. There are also lots of TVs set-up along the walls that show your favorite sports: UFC, Boxing, NFL, MLB, NBA, Golf and NASCAR. And if you need to step away during half-time, there’s the game room to run to. Delight in their plenty of pool tables, dart boards and an internal jukebox for singers wannabe. For smokers, there’s a designated area to do their thing without bothering other customers. As a real laid back and chill hangout, The Park Bar maintains its reputation as the cleanest local sports bar, which is ideal specifically for women, and as having great customer service.

    Order any drink you can think of

    If you’re looking for a well-stocked bar, look no further! The Park Sports Bar boasts its 21 beers on tap including domestic import and seasonal. Enjoy cheap drinks and long happy hour deals. Take advantage of their daily drink specials, $2.50 Fireball and $3 Wells all day all week. They also give away affordable domestic and imported drinks such as Tito’s, Deep Eddy Flavors, Jack Daniel’s, Crown Royal, Blue Hawaiians, and Dos XX Bottles. For those who want to try as many liquors as possible, better visit every Wednesday for the prices of pints go down to $2.25 all day. Don’t forget to try spirits too as this place is truly a cocktail bar. You can never go wrong with their infamous frozen margaritas and daiquiris. More often than not, people may get hungry when drinking and to make up for that, The Park Sports Bar Corpus Christi serves delectable pizza and wings. But patrons are allowed to bring in any food they like. However, that seems unnecessary now as the bar has started serving real food items. 

    Location wise, The Park Sports Bar Corpus Christi TX has all the pros. Being near to many hotels and lodging rooms, you need not worry if you’ve drunk too much. And if you’re planning to celebrate somebody’s birthday, project success or promotion, The Park Bar has all the local vibe to make it more special. With great music inside and DJ around for additional entertainment, you will never have a boring night out here.

    There’s no better way to end the night than going to a bar that simply serves delicious, affordable cocktails and beverages with excellent service that guests return to week after week. Very befitting with The Park Sports Bar tagline “Drink, Eat and Watch Together”. The Park Sports Bar Corpus Christi, with no cover charge policy, is your surest way to have a nightlife to remember for a lifetime.

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